Nursing Practice 

Bold: Compulsory subject  Plain: Elective subject  Italics: Free subject

   First Year  Second Year  Third Year  Fourth Year
Subject group Subject  Subject Subject Subject
General/ Basic Subject Group Human understanding Clinical psychology
Japanese Literacy

Cultural Anthropology
Religious studies
Art (Music)
Understanding modern society Communication
The Constitution of Japan
Public Administration
Gender Studies
Political Science
Multicultural Societies & Welfare
Science & environment Chemstry

Basic Chemistry
Basic Biology
standing health
Sports Science
Physical Training I
Physical Training II
Physical Training III    
Foreign languages English I
English II
English III
English IV

German I
German II
French I
French  II
Chinese I
Chinese II
Portuguese I
Portuguese II
English V
English VI
English VII
Information processing Computer Literacy for Beginners
Science of Statistics
Intro. to Human Information Processing    
Supporting Specialized Subjects Morphophysiology I
Morphophysiology II
Morphophysiology III
Morphophysiology IV
Morphophysiology V
Clinical Pathophysiology and Therapeutics I
Life-span Developmental Psychology

Ergonomics & Nursing
Clinical Pharmacology
Health Science
Intro. To Social Welfare
Clinical Nutrition
Clinical Pathophysiology and Therapeutics II
Clinical Pathophysiology and Therapeutics III
Clinical Pathophysiology and Therapeutics IV
Clinical Pathophysiology and Therapeutics V
Clinical Pathophysiology and Therapeutics VI
Principles of Exercise Prescription
Medical Information Science
Specialized Subject Group Basic Specialized Subjects Principles of Nursing
Fundamental Nursing I
Fundamental Nursing II
Fundamental Nursing Practice I

Fundamental Nursing III
Fundamental Nursing IV
Fundamental Nursing
Practice II

Nursing Ethics
Nursing Education
International Health
International Nursing
Practice l
Nursing Management
International Nursing
International Nursing Practice ll
Lifelong Nursing Subjects   Intro. to Lifelong Nursing
Intro to Maternity Nursing
Maternity Nursing I
Intro to Pediatric Nursing
Pediatric Nursing I
Intro to Adult Nursing
Adult Nursing I
Adult Nursing II
Intro. to Gerontological Nursing
Gerontological Nursing I
Seminar of Lifelong Nursing
Maternity Nursing II
Maternity Nursing Practice
Midwifery I
Pediatric Nursing II
Pediatric Nursing Practice
Adult Nursing III
Adult Nursing IV
Adult Nursing Practice I
Adult Nursing Practice II
Gerontological Nursing II
Gerontological Nursing Practice
Midwifery II
Midwifery lll
Practice of Midwifery

Broad-ranged Subjects   Intro to Psychiatric Nursing
Psychiatric Nursing I
Principles of In-Home Nursing
Principles of Public Health
Public Health Nursing l
Psychiatric Nursing II
Psychiatric Nursing Practice
In-Home Nursing
In-Home Nursing Practice
Public Health Nursing ll
Public Health Nursing lll
Public Health Nursing Practice
Disaster Nursing
Comprehensive Subject Group Career Design l Career Design ll Career Design llI
Principles of Research 
Seminar of Comprehensive Nursing
Practice of Comprehensive Nursing
Graduation Research